We are just about to launch the instructor presentation for The Summer Camp 2018 and as usual we are not holding back. This year we have the pleasure to announce the Martial Artist, Hollywood Stuntman and Actor for the new remake of «Kickboxer» – Alain Moussi. He has the leading role in the remake of Kickboxer and is working together with celebrities  like Jean Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson to name a few.

The Summer Camp Instructor

Alain Moussi is a lifelong martial artist with Jujitsu, Kickboxing , BJJ and more than 30 films to his credit. He will share his knowledge within these arts together with his kicking speciality and fighting choreography for movie action. (Alain Moussi bio)

We are really excited to offer you this unique opportunity to learn, train and meet with this new generation action star!

More amazing world class instructors are in the line and will be announced in a bit, so stay tuned and most important………book your reservation NOW!