We have been very fortunate previous year to have the possibility to use all kind of training areas outdoors and indoors. And this year we’ll be having yet another training area at Källviken with some help from our sponsors. We will have 200 square meters of tent for even more training opportunities. I’m sure all our Jujitsu and Grappling instructors know how to take full benefit of this.

Rune Schou Henrichsen can do takedowns and locks from Jujitsu, Heikki Martikainen can do Dumog & Stick Grappling, Matt Teasdale and Peter Enbom might do some MMA. Or maybe they all choose to do something totally different…………….. Expect the Unexpected.

Like we said earlier we aim to level up the entire camp in all areas and this creates new opportunities for our instructors to give you the absolute best of their experiences to share. We are really looking forward to see everything get together in august and send a big «THANK YOU» to the sponsors

The sponsor of this is: VRS Installation Sverige AB that works with crewing in the construction sector.